Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

How Branding Draws Your Best Customers

We’ve all heard that saying when it comes to our friend circle, but does it apply to business?

In our experience, yes.

We recently had a day that was filled with back-to-back meetings with prospective clients. And after each one, we kept turning to each other and proclaiming, “I really like her [or him]!”

Anyone who is in a service-offering-based business knows that you don’t necessarily always love your clients. So, why were we hitting it off with everyone that was coming to us?

Our vibe attracts our tribe. Or in this case, our branding attracts the type of clients we want to work with. Without realizing it, or consciously doing it, our brand was allowing prospective clients to essentially self-qualify themselves.

When designing our branding for Clever Girl, both visual and messaging, we knew we were taking a risk, being so different from the typical marketing agency approach. But, by simply being true to ourselves, we have positioned our brand so that the people who want to work with us, are people that we want to work with as well.

Think about your dream client. Does your brand speak to that client?


Lilia Lipps | Clever Girl Marketing | Marketing Firm in Cleveland OhioLilia Lipps is the Communications Director here at Clever Girl Marketing. We call her our “Social Sorceress”. She’s our go to gal, when it comes to getting the word out on our and our clients’ social media channels, and she knows all the latest tricks and trends.  She’s also wicked fun to work with. You can reach her at