We’re superheroes? Yes. You can find (super) power in the things you love.

If you’ve spent any time on our agency’s website, then by now you’ve detected a theme, an oh-so-subtle, and (ahem) modest metaphor, where we assert that we’re superheroes with all sorts of powers.

I imagine that some people will see our site and say “WHO ARE these people? Saying they’re superheroes…”

For us, this superhero thing is more than a fun concept. It’s a statement about understanding one’s value and strengths and being confident enough to state those plainly. It’s also about taking inspiration from the things you love, and for us, one of those things is our community – the City of Cleveland and the region of Northeast Ohio.

Why we say we’re superheroes:

It boils down to this: Not only do we have skills; those skills are the source of great power.

Power you say? Yes. Power. And dare I say, maybe even superpowers.

When someone comes to us, with their marketing efforts in total disarray, at a loss for what to do next, we know how to make sense of the chaos and fix their problems. It’s our chance to swoop in and save the day! We get to be superheroes!

It took me a long time to realize that that’s what I do every day. And that’s… well… it’s powerful.

If a girl’s not careful, she could get pretty full of herself, right? Well… hold up. That’s not where I’m going.

As a female small business owner, my first and biggest mistake, was to undervalue my skills, my powers, and my worth, which caused me to make some dumb moves. Well… not anymore. Lesson learned.

So, does this mean I’m impervious to burnout and fatigue? No, of course not. But when I’m having a bad day, I take inspiration from superheroes. I think about those moments in comic books and movies, when superheroes are brought low during battle. What do they do? Give up? No! They find the inner strength to get back up and fight, and ultimately, prevail.

And just in case I ‘m having “one of those days” and start to forget this lesson, I look up to the sign I hung in my office, right above my desk. It says SUPERHERO, in what else? You guessed it. Hot pink. Because sometimes, all you need to keep going is a little reminder of your inner power.

Superheroes Clever Girl Marketing | Cleveland, Ohio

The point I’m trying to make is that, in your world, in your work, I bet you have some amazing superpowers too. You just need to understand what they are, hone them, and then put them to use for the greater good… whether that means advancing your career, running your business better, or helping others.

Bottom Line: Cleveland + Superheroes = Inspiration2

We’ve got superpowers. You’ve got superpowers. Cleveland is bursting at the seams with examples of super people and organizations doing great things. We find this so inspiring, that it drives the way we run our business, and how we hope to engage with you.

So, if you’re looking for a new marketing team to help your small business, organization, or project, now you know more about our company and why we present ourselves the way we do.

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Your Turn: What’s Your Superpower?

Or… (and this could be fun too) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? And how would you put it to use for good?