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Today, we’re delighted to introduce one of our creative partners, Kelley Hynds of Hyndsight Productions. We’ve partnered with Kelley and her team on a number of projects and have come to count on her keen insights and advice. We think you’ll see why in this, our inaugural, guest post. And now, without further ado…

How to Make a Great Video: The Key Question to Ask Before You Start

We hear the word story all the time. Especially in regards to video. But what the heck are we talking about when we’re talking about story?

Beginning, middle and end? Protagonist and antagonist? Sappy emotions? Nope. Story comes down to one question: How do you want people to feel?

That is the single most important element to good video. It’s actually really, really simple. But let me repeat it. How do you want people to FEEL?

Everything from sales to fundraising to new product launches and even internal recruiting should all come down to this critical question: How do you want people to feel?

Here’s why that question is so important.

People rarely make decisions based on knowledge alone. People make decisions based on feeling. This notion is not a theory. It’s a fact based in biology.

Simon Sinek touches on this in his infamous Ted Talk where he tells us the importance of connecting with your audience based on the “why.” (If you haven’t watched that video, it is a MUST watch and you can view it here.

The limbic system in our brain is responsible for all of our feelings. It has no capacity for language or reasoning. It’s where trust and loyalty are groomed. But the limbic system is also the decision making center of our brains!

So listen up marketers, it’s not enough to impart knowledge to your audience. You have to impart feeling. Stop with the bullet points and the product highlights.

People make decisions because they see something that makes them feel something that then gives them the fuel to change.

That’s not to say knowledge isn’t useful. It is. But facts don’t drive behavior. Facts only rationalize our behavior and feelings.

And that right there is why VIDEO is such an important part of your marketing strategy. (And the reason video has exploded in the past 5 years.) Video is the most effective tool in getting your audience to feel something.

Things like emotion, body language, well-crafted interviews, music, beautiful video footage all woven together to create a pace, a feeling, a story will help you influence the behaviors of your consumers.

It’s also why just having video is not enough. Anyone can create video these days. Heck, we can all take beautiful footage on our phones.

But it’s the art of crafting story, the art of stirring emotion that makes video so effective and so incredibly useful to your organization.

Kelley Hynds is the Principal and Executive Producer at Hyndsight Productions in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an Emmy Award winning producer and her background in journalism and documentaries has rooted her belief in video as a powerful tool in the marketing world.