Why Are Charmin Commercials So Shi**y?

Here’s the thing, Charmin.

Toilet paper is a necessity. It’s not something I need to be convinced to buy. I know I need it.

But you know what makes me not want to buy YOUR toilet paper? Being told to “Enjoy the go.”

Don’t tell me how to feel about my bathroom experience. And, for what it’s worth, your toilet paper does not make me enjoy the go. It has nothing to do with my “go.”

“Stop making me think about SH**! I’m eating a sandwich, damnit!” Heather Drago, Clever Girl Principal and Chief Strategist, is not a fan either.

Stop it. No really, just stop.

Because, you know what’s even worse than your tagline, Charmin? Your new jingle.

Every time it comes on the radio I shudder, make a face, and promptly change the channel. Which is annoying, because even though I can have 6 radio presets programmed in, I only have one. So I click on one of the other presets and end up with static. Which is still preferable to listening to your jingle.

You know, it is possible to sell toilet paper without invoking images of a “shiny hiney” and twerking cartoon bears. If you need ideas for a cleverer campaign, we would be happy to brainstorm with you.


Clever Girl Marketing


P.S. Before you produced this brilliant jingle (and animated video), did you do ANY research? For instance, did you try Googling the word “hiney”? Because if you did, you would have found this and this, among other things.

Seriously. Let this bad idea “go”.


Lilia Lipps | Clever Girl Marketing | Marketing Firm in Cleveland OhioLilia Lipps is the Communications Director here at Clever Girl Marketing. We call her our “Social Sorceress”. She’s our go to gal, when it comes to getting the word out on our and our clients’ social media channels, and she knows all the latest tricks and trends.  She’s also wicked fun to work with. You can reach her at lilia@clevergirlmktg.com.