We Can Be Heroes

#TheseAreOurRockStars   #TheseAreOurSuperheroes

If you’ve followed us on social media or visited our website in the past, you’re probably wondering “what happened to all the superheroes”? Well, that was fun, and it got attention, but in reality, we’ve always known we aren’t superheroes, our clients are. We’re just the sidekicks that help them along the way.

In mid-2019 we launched a social media series we called #theseareoursuperheroes. We wanted to celebrate people – especially women and girls – who, like our clients, are doing amazing things to help make the world a better place. Our little campaign got a big reaction, so we decided to embrace it and shift the focus of our blog to these #superheroes and the causes they care about.

With the launch of our rockin’ new site, we’re adopting a new name for these folks – rock stars, but really, they’re still superheroes to us. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to present…

STEM Leaders

Trudy Kortes, #rockstar

Meet Trudy Kortes, an amazing woman making a huge difference in the world of STEM. Trudy is the Chief of the Human Exploration and Space Operations Division at NASA, based at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Learn about her impressive 30-year NASA career and how she's helping other women who are working their way up through STEM careers right now.
Heather Drago
October 21, 2019
Nonprofit Leaders

Ellie Turan, #rockstar

Meet Eliana (“Ellie”) Turan, one of the bravest women we’ve ever met. Ellie is a transgender woman who works every day to advocate for the LGBTQ community, specifically transgender and gender-nonconforming people here in Northeast Ohio. Read about Ellie’s inspiring story, one in which she overcame her fear to serve as a role model for others, raise awareness and save the lives of those most at risk in our community.
Heather Drago
August 26, 2019

Do you know an inspiring “rock star” who’s making the world a better place? Want to nominate them to be featured in our blog and social media campaign? Send us an email!