Tiffany Skowronski

Creative Director

Corporate identity | brand development | art direction | advertising | web design | direct mail | sales collateral | tradeshow & POP displays | package design | signage

Tiffany Skowronski is one of the most innovative and talented designers we’ve ever known, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her on our team. With a B.A. in graphic design from Kent State University, and over 20 years of experience creating marketing communications materials for consumer and business-to-business clients, Tiffany is prepared to conquer any visual challenge with her award-winning design prowess.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has played key roles in the development of branding strategies, integrated creative campaigns, and visual communication tools of all shapes and sizes. She can do it all: logos, direct mail, advertising, web design, trade show graphics, POP displays, signage, packaging, catalogs, newsletters, brochures, sales collateral… the list goes on and on.

This clever girl brings a curious nature, collaborative approach, and fresh thinking to every project, which makes working with her a lot of fun. Seriously, start showing her color palettes, then stand back and watch what happens. Totally fun.

Tiffany Skowronski | Graphic Design | Clever Girl Marketing, Cleveland, Ohio
“Tiffany is one of the most talented and innovative designers I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. She’s always coming up with creative and trendy ways to showcase our brand. The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission is fortunate to have her on our team.”
Meredith Painter, Director of Marketing & Communications

Meredith Painter, Director of Marketing & Communications

Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, Cleveland, Ohio
“‘Talented designer’ doesn’t even begin to describe Tiffany. Add energetic, enthusiastic, smart, strategic, and curious. A quick learner, and very fresh thinker. She sets very high standards for her work and regularly exceeds them. In short, an award-winning graphic designer with keen marketing sensibilities – a rare and wonderful combination.”
Nancy Ryan O'Connor, Content Marketing Manager

Nancy Ryan O'Connor, Content Marketing Manager

Cleveland, Ohio